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Starting coding at the age of 10, Jonathan now has over 5 years experience in software engineering. In his free time, Jonathan is an active Core Team member at FreeCodeCamp, an open-source community.
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When Cameron was born he instantly picked up programming. At the age of one years old he created a program to automatically sing him to sleep every night at 7pm. After 18 years Cameron has grown to be, easily, the greatest programmer to ever walk this earth. When not working on personal projects Cameron is freely giving his services to the betterment of society through open-source contributions.
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Wesley began programming at 13 and now has 8 years of software development experience. When not working on personal projects, Wesley helps out with FreeCodeCamp's, YouTube Channel.



The longer you let an enemy shroom grow, the more points you get for smashing it, but you'll be taking more of a risk. The game gets more difficult as you smash more enemy shrooms. You lose when an enemy shroom reaches the top of the screen.

Bash Bros

Bash Bros is an upcoming casual finger swiping game! The player simply taps the screen to start a new game. From there you swipe the screen using both thumbs. The goal is to bash as many Blops as you can without hitting a Bomb Blop!


Aurora is a local community driven electronic voting platform. Aurora's goal is to make it easy for a community to discuss local events, local laws, and local causes as well as vote approval or disapproval on the topic.

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